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Widow’s Initiative Program


The Widow’s Initiative Program is designed to help widows address the many financial concerns that arise after the loss of a spouse.

Client Profile

The Widow’s Initiative Program is uniquely suited for those who have recently been widowed.

Key Planning Components

The Widow’s Initiative Program focuses, step by step, on three phases of financial concern through a collaborative effort with your accountant and estate attorney.

1. Immediate Needs: The Widow’s Initiative Program helps clients

  • Choose an appropriate funeral director
  • prioritize and address issues in a systematic way to keep first things first
  • develop an advisory team

2. Short Term Issues: The Widow’s Initiative Program is designed to guide clients through the process of assuming the responsibilities for all household and financial management tasks. We help clients

  • make sure adequate income is available
  • protect against identify theft or fraudulent charges
  • plan for the future

3. Looking Ahead: The Widow’s Initiative Program helps clients develop a long term personalized wealth management plan

First Step

Please accept our invitation to take advantage of a complimentary wealth management consultation. Come in, meet our staff, and see if Irving Financial Group and the Widow’s Initiative Program is the right fit for you.