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Wealth Builder Program


The Wealth Builder Program is specifically designed to help clients build and protect substantial family wealth over a period of time.

Client Profile

The Wealth Builder Program is uniquely suited for clients who:

  1. desire to grow substantial family wealth
  2. are comfortable with market volatility
  3. have a 10 plus year investment time frame
  4. have income available for investing
  5. and are possibly business owners or professionals

Key Planning Components

The Wealth Builder Program focuses on several key planning components to help you build and protect your wealth.

1. Family Protection: The Wealth Builder Program will guide you through the steps of providing ample protection for your family and loved ones.

  • Various types of insurance such as life, health, disability, and long-term care are all important aspects of family protection.
  • Proper estate planning (such as wills and trusts) is also essential for your family’s protection.

2. Asset Protection: The Wealth Builder Program will help you put adequate asset protection into place, such as:

  • Home-owners insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Umbrella coverage

3. Cash Flow Management: The Wealth Builder Program is designed to help you wisely manage your cash flow by addressing issues such as:

  • Developing and maintaining a budget
  • Deciding on the best savings rate for your goals
  • Developing an emergency fund
  • Developing debt reduction strategies

4. Wealth Development & Investment Strategies: The Wealth Builder Program focuses on helping you develop and maintain both short term and long term investment strategies which may include:

  • Employer Plans
  • Individual Plans (IRA)
  • Tax Deferred Accounts
  • Managed Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts

5. Review/re-balance: The Wealth Builder Program includes regular reviews of your wealth management plan so you can make adjustments and re-balance the plan as needed.

First Step

Please accept our invitation to take advantage of a complimentary wealth management consultation. Come in, meet our staff, and see if Irving Financial Group and the Wealth Builder Program is the right fit for you.