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Our Programs


Our experienced advisory team helps clients through all phases of managing their wealth: accumulation, preservation, and distribution.

Every client’s situation is unique, but will generally fall into one of three categories:

Private Client Program: 

After substantial wealth has been accumulated and retirement or a work-optional lifestyle is achieved, clients’ goals often expand to include legacy planning. The “Private Client Program” addresses these issues through advanced services such as estate planning, tax management, and charitable giving.

Wealth Management Program: 

As clients enter their peak earning years they must balance planning for a future goal with a current goal. Through our DNA planning process, our “Wealth Management Program” helps clients prioritize the funding of these goals, providing clarity on how these short-term and long-term needs can be met.

Advisory Program: 

Through our experience with high net worth families, we have found we can help younger generations in their pre-high net worth stages. Our “Advisory Program” is geared toward maximizing returns over a long time horizon and helping clients understand their cash flow management.

At Irving Financial Group, we know from experience that with years of patient, intelligent management, a significant portfolio may be created and managed.

Come in, meet our staff, and see which of Irving Financial Group’s programs is the right fit for you.